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Finished productions and videos need to be released to an audience. We do this by releasing on DVD, web clips, or social media. Each requires its own workflow.DVDs need to be properly authored. One of our clients needed to release a DVD with over 100 short clips accessible from the menu. They also wanted the clips to play one after the other, plus other properties. We authored the content and made duplicated within 24 hours.


Web site video

Web Video
We can provideo you with web video to suit your application and web site. Your IT professionals can incorperate these directly in your web portal. We can advise on the best encode quality so visitors will get the right viewing experience with minimum buffering.






Purpose built video portal

Sometimes your site won't be capable of hosting large video streams. For these occasions we can make a video streaming portal for you that overcomes the large data transfers required to host multiple video programs. This is a very cost effective method, especially if you want to do live webcasts.

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